Past Puppies...

  Toys In The Garden Snorkie puppies complete your life!  Precious companions that are unique and unbelievably connected to their human. Let us bring you into the wonderful world of Snorkies!

Tcup Chocolate/Gold Girl * ADOPTED *       $2400

  Cute chocolate girl with a precious face, and four flashy white boots!  Super sweet and happy, gorgeous coat.

   Teacup Chocolate Boy  *Adopted *      $2400

    Cute chocolate boy with flashy gold and white markings.  Will be 4-5lb  7-9" tall. 

   For available Toy and Teacup Snorkies, see our Puppies page

  Welcome to Toys In The Garden... The ONLY Home of the beautiful 

       Toy & Teacup Snorkie puppies!!

​​​  Each Snorkie baby has his/her own unique look and individual personality.  Though the typical personality is very clingy, loving and easy going.  Playful and very social.  They are easy to train and love attention.  Snorkies are like a box of chocolates, you never know which parent they will favor.   Because of this, we cannot 100% predict their outcome at maturity.  Due to experience, we can give a good guestimate, but either way you will be guaranteed one of the best dogs you will ever own!   We are the only breeder of true toy and teacup Snorkie puppies in the US. 

 The Snorkie has been one of the most popular Therapy dog, PTSD dog, and Emotional Support dogs you will find. Small and easy to carry, non shedding for public areas, very sweet and sociable making them perfect for any situation.   We have adopted many to just such families.

Each puppy comes with... Paperwork such as Birth Certificate,  Vaccination record, 2 yr written health guarantee, and "How To Care for your Snorkie" notes on caring for your Snorkie puppy.  A loaded puppy starter pack including food, grooming tools, toys and treats, and NuVet vitamins.  Not to mention his little familiar baby blankie, collar & ID tag, leash, potty training started, and pre-spoiled!   We offer a refundable deposit until 7 wks of age.  And a "Lifetime of breeder Support" for you and your puppy.  When you adopt from us, you will forever be part of our family, we will always love hearing from you!

** Dont be fooled by others claiming to have Snorkies, Ive seen some pretty rough looking dogs that are labeled as Snorkie.  We will be more than happy to be a second opinion if you are interested in a puppy from someone else.  We do not want someone else misleading you, and hope you have the true experience of the most precious dog on the planet!                    

   Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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