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IMPORTANT TIP ON CHOOSING YOUR PUPPY ...  We know that there are so many puppies and breeders out there to choose from.  And that you have heard lots of stories of purchases gone wrong.  We want to set a new trend and change the idea of that type experience to one that is positive and pleasant. 
Have you tried to communicate with a breeder, sometimes getting information on a puppy of interest is like pulling teeth.  Our goal is to make sure that you are as informed about the puppy of interest, giving you the ability to make the best decision.  This little baby will be a 15 year lifetime of responsibility for you, and your family. 

  A breeder who isnt willing to take the time and effort  to find the right match for their human is one of the biggest reasons our shelters exist today.  And is obvious they are not concerned for the life of their puppy, or the emotional interests of their fellow human being.  These are the breeders you want to pass by.  By refusing to support them, you will show that their type of service is no longer acceptable.  Purchasing a puppy against your better judgment or from pity only supports that breeder to continue raising puppies in the same ill-mannered way.   If we can keep even one dog from being passed around, or from the kill mill shelters, then we have done our job.  
  With that said, call us anytime from 8am to 8pm CST.  254-383-8346  We can offer a wealth of information to help you make the right choice.  Ask as many questions as you can until you are confident that you have made the right choice in your breed, and your breeder.   If we do not have the puppy you are looking for, we will help you find someone who does.

Did you know...
We have raised Mini Schnauzers since 1986 developing the stunning tiny toy and teacup schnauzer.  In 2007 an accidental litter of these delightful little Snorkies developed into a huge admiration and love affair with this breed.  They are the perfect mix, offering the best of both breeds we feel compelled to share with others.  With our experience in breeding technique, we added a lovely soft hair coat, and the small but sturdy bone density toy/teacup size to an already clingy adorable personality.  We feel we have developed a line of Snorkies that are pure perfection!
  With a lifetime of animal husbandry experience, and an eager to please adoption method, we want to help you determine if a Snorkie is the breed for you, then match you with the perfect 4 legged soul mate.   A decision that will enrich your life for years to come.

**  The main focus in our breeding program in this order is... health/hardiness, temperament, intelligence, size, confirmation, coat quality, and color.  If you don't have a dog with some intelligence and a good temperament, it wont matter what they look like, you wont enjoy them.  Our goal is to produce the perfect user friendly dog!

                  Puppy matching process.... Easy as One, Two and Three

"Political Correctness" has taken over this subject to the point, I shake my head when I hear some things. 

Sad thing is people who don't know any better believe everything they hear.  This page is with the hopes that

you will come away with a little more correct knowledge about puppy care. 

We have lived with dogs forever, and these are a few notes on what works for us.
First things first...  Daily care.  Caring for a puppy isn't as hard as you would think.  With a few simple items

your puppy will be happy and healthy into adulthood. 

  Some things you may need for your new puppy...

* Food and water dish or bowl, Stainless steel, crocks or ceramic bowls work great. 

* Play pen or exercise pen to keep him safe when you can't watch him.  Your puppy needs to be able to play during the day. Crate training for puppies is good for night time, but for daytime is not recommended.  They restrict your puppy's ability to move and get much meneeded exersize. Set his pen up with everything he will need including food, water, pee pad, blankie and toys.  Dont forget something to chew on, and  tv makes him feel like he isnt alone and will give him a bit of mental stimulation.  Puppies, especially Snorkies DO NOT like to be alone.  They are bred for lap dogs and require a certain amount of human interaction.

 * Your Snorkie puppy is very intelligent and needs mental stimulation throughout the day.  He is learning with every play session. Stimulating toys and noise are great entertainment for your Snorkie puppy.

*  Paper or pee-pad, whichever you prefer for inside potty training.  Your Snorkie puppy is very tiny and won't be able to "hold it" all day until you get home, so don't expect him to.  He needs a "get out of jail free card" until he is old enough to wait for your schedule to go potty. After that, yearly rabies and teeth cleaning, along with pest control are all that is required.

*  Dont forget the importance of Vet visits for shots and regular check ups.  Your Snorkie puppies requires a series of vaccinations as a puppy just like your children to remain healthy and disease free. 

* He will need his daily NuVet vitamin ,and a well balanced grain free or raw diet. The vitamins help him develop a strong immune system, one that is not fully developed as a puppy.  The proper nutrition will insure that your puppy grows into a healthy strong adult who will be able to take on the world.  Dont scrimp on your puppy, you and he will be happy with the results.

 *  Last but not least, he needs you and your attention. Dont forget that your dog would like to get out of the house too.  He would like something different in his diet, and he would like to just hang out with you or play games.  He is very intelligent and will act out if not given the attention he deserves.  They are not toys, they have feelings and are living life just like you are.   Be kind and considerate.