TOY MALE  6-8 lb

        Ready to go home:    End of August

        DOB:  7-6-15          Adoption fee: $1500

  Max is an adorable little black n silver toy male who will be about 6-8 lbs around 9" tall.  His ears are cropped.  Max is a     Stud Service puppy.

Sugar Bear 9lb

Izzy 7lb

Last Available Puppy until fall  *

Cali   10" tall 9 lbs

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      * Adopted to Jenni *
      Charlie    $1800
         DOB:  5-18-15
      Teacup 8-9" tall, 5-6lbs

Cassi   8" tall     5 lbs

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Leather  9" tall 7 lbs

Bogie  8.75" tall 4.5lbs

Welcome to my world!

 This is where you will find your new best friend!

                  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Toy & Teacup Schnauzers!       

We are here to help you from start to finish when choosing
and caring for your puppy.   
DALTON $ 1500   DOB:  4-12-15
Teacup Male  5-7lbs

     *  Available  *
   Cassi Boy 2  *  Liver  $2800
      DOB:  5-18-15
   Micro Teacup 8" tall, 3-4lbs
 Ready to go home August 8th


     * ON HOLD *
Girl 1 Shanda:$ 2100
DOB:  4-24-15
Teacup   Female 5 lbs

 Ready to go home now!


Toy / teacup schnauzers are all classified as miniature schnauzers.  There is no set size standard for toy, teacup, or micro schnauzer, but they do exist.  It is merely a descriptive term used by each breeder to describe the size of their miniature schnauzer.  Due to no set standard, each breeder has their own interpretation of that size description.  Ask for heights of the parents to get an over all idea of size. Weight tells you only the bone density or muscle mass of that dog and is impossible for you to guess the actual size.
 Our specific breeding goals are... For 30 years we have loved living with our schnauzers, and try to keep that classic schnauzer build adding a beautiful coat and interesting colors.  Preserving the "easy to live with" personality, our schnauzers are designed for... Square conformation on a toy/teacup size schnauzer 9"-10" in height, 6-8 lbs, small short compact build with a heavy/medium bone density, a nice soft silky coat, intelligent, easy going, eager to please personality.  Of course we are never satisfied and continue to perfect with each generation.  

** The breed standard size for miniature schnauzer is height to be between 12"-14" at the shoulders, no shorter no taller. 

Weight to be proportionate to the bone density and muscle mass of each individual dog.   so... 
** Our interpretation of a Toy mini schnauzer is 9"- 11" tall from the shoulders (back) to the floor.  Weight goals 7-10 lbs.
** Our interpretation of a T-cup mini schnauzer is 9" tall or less from the shoulders (back) to the floor.  Weight goals 5-7 lbs.
** Our interpretation of a Micro T-cup mini schnauzer is 9" tall or less from the shoulders (back) to the floor.  Weight goals 5 lbs or less.

    You will find that we do things a little differently here than other breeders.  So please read carefully, ask questions if you are unsure. 

Please read our page on Choosing Puppies for research tips and ways to help you choose the perfect match for your family.  Taking the

time to do this will benefit everyone.... you, the puppy and our conscience.   We take a lot of effort to raise a quality puppy, and look

forward to helping you find exactly the puppy your looking for.

* Adopted to Julie in Dubai *
       Fletch  *  Black    $1800
         DOB:  5-18-15
     Teacup 8-9" tall, 5-6 lbs

Cash  9" tall 7.5 lbs

Sparky   8.75" tall    6 lbs

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**  Because we have a small number of dogs, our puppies go fast.

Spring and fall are puppy season,  call quickly if you see one you like, you will have

lots of time to make your final decision.              

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