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   Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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Dancin to the East ...   " East "
  East is an adorable F1 Biewer Yorkie Black & gold tricolor, with a gorgeous thick silky coat, 7.5" tall 3.5 lbs.  She is a past puppy from our Gizmo and Calico.   Her adorable little face and happy loving personality gets attention from everyone, easy going personality just like her mother.  What beautiful music she and Royal make with our next generation of Snorkies!

      Welcome to home of the most beautiful Toy and Teacup Snorkie puppies!!

  Snorkies are a delightful little dog with unbelievable charm, and have become one of the most popular dog designs today.  The magical cross between the mini Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier was a match made in heaven.  This  pairing created an elegant little dog with a sweet loving and clingy personality...  The perfect lap dog, child's pet, or travel companion.  Snorkies are highly intelligent with a loving whimsical personality making them easily trained and a joy to live with.  Their adorable face with black button eyes see into your soul and bring a smile to your heart.  The stunning non shedding coat is just the diamond in crown.

  Here at Romancing the Snorkie, you will find we do things a little differently.  From our breeding and adoption practices,  to starting the potty training before going home. On this page we hope you enjoy pictures, and information about our adults and available puppies.  Our relaxed and easy going way of helping you find the perfect 4-legged soul mate is second to none.   To top everything off, we offer a lifetime of breeder support for you and your puppy.
 We also hope you will find a wealth of information on choosing, caring for and training your puppy....As well as dietary needs and correcting the political correctness of raising puppies. 
   Come Join Us to see what the buzz is all about.  And why we enjoy living in the Wonderful World of Snorkies!

My Perfect Bouquet ...   " Petals "
 Petals is a Teacup Snorkie Black & gold tricolor, with a gorgeous silky coat, 7.5" tall 3.5 lbs.  She is a past puppy from our Cash and Calico.   She has a classic yorkie look, adorable little baby doll face that gets attention everywhere she goes.   She has the most loving and calm personality, loves to be carried around or be with us anywhere we go.  Her clingy disposition is classic Snorkie charm, where ever I am there she will be also.   Petals is merely our love baby and is too small to have puppies.  But this will show you what Tricolor babies look like.     She sports a yorkie hair cut here. She is adorable in a Schnauzer hair cut also.

    Did you know...
We have raised Mini Schnauzers since 1984 developing the stunning tiny toy and teacup schnauzer we produce today.  In 2007 an

  accidental litter of these delightful little Snorkies developed into a huge admiration and love affair with this breed.  They are the perfect

  mix, offering the best of both breeds that make us feel compelled to share with others.  With our experience in schnauzer breeding technique, they added a lovely soft thick hair coat, and the small but sturdy bone density toy/teacup size to an already clingy adorable personality.  We feel we have a line of Snorkies that are pure perfection!
    With a lifetime of animal husbandry experience and an eager to please adoption method, we want to help you determine if a Snorkie is the breed for you.   Then match you with the perfect 4 legged soul mate.   A decision that will enrich your life for years to come!
  **  The main focus in our breeding program in this order...  health/hardiness, temperament, intelligence, size, confirmation, coat quality, and color.  If you don't have a healthy dog with some intelligence and a good temperament, it wont matter what they look like, you wont enjoy them.  Every puppy will not fit in that goal, but all will be unique and have the ability to add joy and entertainment to your life. 


  Our goal is to produce the perfect user friendly dog! Check out our available puppies.  Please feel free to call anytime, I love chatting

  about my puppies!!            

   Dancin With My Layla ...  " Layla"
Layla is a beautiful little Yorkshire Terrier Chocolate/Tan cutie as a button. She will mature around 4 lb, 8"  tall.  Look at that super cute face.  She has a very sweet and happy personality,  loves to cuddle.  She is so smart, and oh so loving.   She & Royal will give us our precious chocolate Snorkies in 2018.  The chocolate and gold is an amazing color on a cute little teacup snorkie face

  Dancin To The Beat Of My Heart... " GIZMO "    RETIRED
 Gizmo is an F1 Black & Gold Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. He is just under 4 lbs, 7.5" tall.  A stunning Mega thick coat, (in a schnauzer cut here) baby doll face and the sweetest lap personality you will ever find!  He loves to be held, is very quiet natured, and dances on his hind legs to be picked up.  He is happy sleeping on the sofa, and hanging out in the garden.  And his puppies are absolutely precious!

     * Retired *          beautiful puppies... HE IS NOT LUXATED

    Love Me Tender Calico ... " CALICO "   RETIRED
   Calico is a beautiful tricolor blue/gold/white Biewer Yorkshire Terrier  9" tall, 4.75 lbs.   She has the sweetest and most easy going personality.  She dosent think she is a foo foo dog, and loves to work with us on our pony ranch.  She will actually herd ponies, on or off the 4 wheeler!  Confidence to ride a tractor.  But in the house, she is very quiet and loving, in my lap is her favorite place.   She has the most precious little tricolor babies just like our Petals.  Many who have gotten her puppies have come back for a second puppy!  She is pictured with a summer Schnauzer hair cut...

All My Loves...