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   Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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** We offer babies of all ages, if your looking for a bottle baby, please ask to be placed on our bottle baby list. Average adoption fee is  $100-$175. Blue eyes are $150-$250. 
  ** Each baby comes with a birth certificate or bill of sale, current food and personal items.  A bottle baby also comes with his bottle and starter of milk.

 **  The Miniature Goat is the a smallest goat breed. The females are typically 16"-18" tall and the males are typically 17-20" tall. Weight range from 40 to 75 lbs.  Most goat horns arent dangerous, it offers self protection from dogs and such.

   Miniature Livestock will always be the best way to go for a small home farm. Saving pasture space and feed, with less freezer and refrigerator space needed.  Also easy handling.        Miniature Livestock for ale

   Several Nannies available...  All with blue eyes,  and $250 ea for the does who are all bred due in fall of 2019.

       Fall Babies will be $125 for boys and $150 for girls.  Bottle babies available, taking requests now.

  New baby Boy born 8-1-19!  Beautiful white with blue eyes and a couple of black spots very flashy and unique!    $125  More pics coming soon

   Two breeds of miniature goats are Nigerian Dwarf and African Pygmy.  Both breeds make the best back yard pets, or small livestock option.  They are easy going and calm natured, small enough to fit in any back yard, with very little maintenance requirements.  They are very smart, But are not as destructive as other breeds of goats. Perfect for meat, milk or pet.   Also make wonderful small livestock project for children to learn animal husbandry. 

  They love attention and are very easy to care for and leash train.  As far as I know  they cannot be house trained, but are content in spacious pen or in the back yard.  This breed is gentle enough for any family situation.