Teacup Snorkie Girl         $2400          born Dec 11, 2021      ** AVAILABLE  **

Precious little Black n Silver girl from Sabrina and Royal. Tail docked, dewclaws removed, ears are natural.  And like her parents, has a beautiful thick coat and a personality to die for!  Teacup size about 4-6lb, 8-9" tall, non-shedding, hypo allergenic.   Her Potty training is going really well, already potty pad trained.  She is happy, playful and confident.  Will be one of the best dogs you will ever have.   Comes with a loaded bag of starter goodies, birth certificate, vaccinations record, Vet check up, and 2 year health guarantee.        Airline Shipping available on Friday Feb 4th, 2022...  $475.   **   Delivery to DFW airport on Friday mornings... $75  

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 SWEET little Teacup SNORKIE Female     * ADOPTED *      $2500  

   Precious little Salt & Pepper Female has a beautiful thick silky coat and is expected to be 4-5lbs, 8-9" tall.  She is 2.8 lbs at 4 mo old.  As precious as they come!  Very playful and silly, definitely will keep you entertained.  Oh so loving and kissy, just melts in your arms.  Potty pad trained, and doggie door trained.  parents are Fifi and Royal.   Born 6-29-21  Shipping available $475

Toy / teacup schnauzers are all classified as miniature schnauzers.  There is no set size standard for toy, teacup, or micro schnauzer, but they do exist.  It is merely a descriptive term used by each breeder to describe the size of their miniature schnauzer.  Due to no set standard for the toy or teacup, each breeder has their own interpretation of that size description.  Ask for heights of the parents to get an over all idea of size. Weight tells you only the bone density or muscle mass or general condition of that dog and is impossible for you to gauge the actual size.
Since 1982 we have loved living with our schnauzers, and try to keep that classic schnauzer build adding a beautiful coat and interesting colors, while preserving the "intelligent, easy to live with" personality.   We prefer the toy size of 9"-10" in height, 6-8 lbs, short, compact build with a medium bone density. A nice soft coat, intelligent, easy going, eager to please personality.  Anything smaller is considered a teacup.     FYI:  Health and sound body are hereditary, not size related.

   Included with your puppy is ... a Birth Certificate, vaccinations record, how to care for your puppy, food, vitamins, toys, treats, blanket\bed, grooming tools, collar, leash, and more.  And whatever belongs to him while he is here.

    If Registration is required, we offer APRI and a pedigree for an additional $100.

 Your puppy can be delivered to or shipped from DFW in Dallas Texas on Friday mornings.

​ If your puppy needs to stay longer than 8 weeks of age, not a problem, we offer babysitting at $10 per day.

    Some of our past PUPPIES

 Teacup SNORKIE Male     * Adopted *      $2500  

   Precious little Liver & Pepper boy with a beautiful thick silky coat, green eyes and adorably sweet personality.  As precious as they come!  Very playful and happy, very loving.  Oh so loving and kissy.  Potty pad trained, and doggie door trained.  parents are Fifi and Royal.   Born 6-29-21 Shipping available $475

Toy / Teacup Schnauzer & Snorkie Puppies

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 New litters of Toy Schnauzer and Tcup Snorkies Here in December! 




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​  BOY 1      * ADOPTED  *                     $2400

  A beautiful flashy small toy liver pepper parti boy with a sweet little heart on his head. Has 2 beautiful blue eyes!  Tail docked, dewclaws removed, ears are natural.   And like his parents, a coat and personality to die for!  Shipping available 11-12-21  $475