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Black Teacup Female, ears cropped. will be about 6-7lb, 9.5" tall.    $1800      

Cassi's Adorable Chocolate tiny toy, cropped ears.   Will be about 6-7 lbs, 9.5" tall.             $1800

Cassi's Adorable Black tiny toy, cropped ears.   Will be about 6-7 lbs, 9.5" tall.    


Denim's Adorable Tcup Black Parti  with flashy markings, natural ears. 

  Will be about 5-6 lbs, 9" tall.    $1800

Adorable Tcup Black & Silver Parti  with flashy markings, ears cropped. 

  Will be about 5-6 lbs, 9" tall.    $1800

Cassi's Beautiful liver boy with thick coat, sweet green eyes. 

 Micro Teacup 8" tall, 3-4lbs     $3200

Adorable Tcup Liver Tan Parti Girl  with gorgeous green eyes, ears cropped. 

  Will be about 5-6 lbs, 9" tall.     $2500

Classic Salt & Pepper Toy Boy with a beautiful coat and cute face.

Est. 7-9 lbs around 10" tall.     $1200

Tasha's Beautiful Black & silver toy boy cropped ears.  Will be about 7 lbs 9.5" tall.               $1500

Half Brother to our Dove.
A beautiful liver pepper parti boy with a beautiful  soft thick coat, will be 7 lbs around 9.5" tall.       $1800

Half Sister to our Dove.  A stunning salt n

pepper parti girl with a gorgeous thick super

coat, flashy markings, cropped ears. Estimated

to be about 8 lbs around 10" tall.     $1800

Sydnee's Liver Pepper Toy Boy brother to Royal and Rolex. He has a beautiful thick soft super coat, classic square toy conformation, . will be 7-8 lbs,10" tall.       $1800

Some of our beautiful puppies who have already gone home...

Cazadora's Salt n Pepper Parti Teacup, awesome coat and personality, will be 6 lb 9" tall.        $1800

Black Teacup Female   , ears cropped.  expected size about 5 lb, around 9" tall.    $2100      

Chocolate Teacup Female    TIA         tiny petite build, precious face, ears cropped.  She is the tiniest in the litter, will be about 4-5 lbs, 8-9" tall.  $2100