Crystal is a beautiful liver tan parti with stunning blue eyes.  She loves attention and is a great family dog.  She  is a lot of fun and very loving.   10.5" tall, 9 lb

Destiny is a gorgeous classic Salt & Pepper Toy schnauzer at 9.5" tall and 8 lbs. She has a soft thick coat, and beautiful schnauzer face, full sister to Benji.  And like most of our babies, a super sweet and happy personality.  Destiny was raised here at TIG, and will definitely refine our next generation of classic toy schnauzers!

         <<<<<   Gizmo  (Toy)            ( These Photos are for reference )           Benji  (Toy)  >>>>>> 

 My pictures cannot capture the beauty that drips off these guys. Gizmo is a Beautiful platinum silver salt & pepper parti with a gorgeous soft super thick coat, nice square conformation.  He is the father of our Royal, and is where he gets that sweet happy personality and fabulous coat.  Benji is a son of Royal, and grand son to Gizmo. He is a mirror image of his grandfather in every way.    Just Stunning!

​ ** These two dogs are posted here for reference.

​​Denim is a stunning salt & pepper parti teacup schnauzer about 5.5 lbs, 8.75" tall, super thick coat.  She is the daughter of Cash and Lace, raised right here at TIG.  She has the sweetest calm personality, and loves to sleep on my shoulders. This is the most easy going and elegant little dog we have ever had.    RETIRED

 Cruiser, Gabby & Rolex

             <<<<   ROYAL (Teacup)   >>>>

 This beautiful little guy was born right here at TIG!   A Beautiful platinum silver salt & pepper teacup schnauzer with a gorgeous soft super thick coat, nice square conformation, and sweet personality to die for.  Royal will definitely refine our next generation of classic teacup schnauzer puppies! (yes he is an adult in these pictures)          Stud service: $1,000 or pick puppy       *  4.14lb  9" tall  *


   We sometimes offer pick of the litter puppies from our stud service litters.  Also my cousin has several females,  son has several females.  Using our males of course, we post their puppies as well.  There will be pictures available of the mother and father to each puppy listed when possible.  

GOT QUESTIONS...    580-271-2110

              ALL MY LOVES!

​​  IN MEMORY OF  Cash is a small compact boy with great personality, very entertaining, steals the show where ever he goes! He is happy and knows he is special. He is calm and easy going, and has time for kisses and snuggles.  I love this little boy, he is always right there and minds so well.  Never needed training, just understood everything I ever said. He goes with me everywhere and is very popular.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog! 
Black & silver parti toy schnauzer   7.5lbs *  9" tall * Triple registered.....   RETIRED but not forgotten
 We are here to help you from start to finish when choosing
and caring for your puppy.

  ​In Beautiful SE Oklahoma

   Ph:   580-271-2110            

   Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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    <<<<   Judge (Tiny Toy)   >>>>

 This beautiful little guy was born right here at TIG!   A Beautiful liver & tan small toy schnauzer with a gorgeous soft super thick coat, and sweet personality.  Judge is oh so smart and loves attention.  We look forward to new puppies from him in 2020.         *  6.8lb  9.5" tall  *

Karma is an adorable little liver parti tiny toy 9" tall and 6 lbs.  She has a gorgeous thick coat and a happy wiggly personality.  Her puppies are just as precious!


 Our beautiful little Bubbles is as stunning as she is loving.  A black n silver parti with a gorgeous thick coat and precious face. This is the most loving dog, a real heart stealer.   10.5" tall, 8.5 lb

STUD SERVICE:   We offer stud service to approved females only (will depend on size of the female)

* Requirements are... that you show proof of ownership of the female, and that she has been vaccinated up to date.
*  Also a negative Brucelosis test dated  within 30 days of breeding date.
* Sign my breeding contract if fee is to be paid by pick of the litter puppy.
*  Stud fee in cash paid at time of breeding.  No exceptions
* Your female can be of any breed.


* up to 1 weeks stay for your female.  * Any vet costs needed while she is here will be at your expense.
*  A signed breeding memo with litter registration.
* Copy of current Brucelosis test and pedigree on the male.
* Guarantee you get puppies. 

Introducing Izzy, an adorable little salt & pepper parti toy schnauzer at 9.5" tall and 8 lbs.  She has a gorgeous mega thick coat, and happy wiggly personality.  She was raised here at TIG and is from Denim and Gizmo.
  We look forward to beautiful sweet puppies from her in the fall of 2019!