From Zafire & Zeus

  A beautiful 2020 silver heifer born 3-27-20.  I MCBR Eligible  SOLD    $750  

 Mini Zebu Bull Calf   * ON HOLD *          Born 7-24-21

Nice little Silver Mini Zebu Bull Calf  from Splashes and Jesse James 

  Nice little calf, carries strong for spots.  ​    Will be around 35-37"       $750 

   open IMCBR registration available, Ready to go end of October.

   Ziva, a beautiful silver heifer with a stout build, and friendly personality.

    Out of Graycee and JR,  37" tall.     dob: 4/2018   IMCBR reg

  This year's  2021 calf from Olaf and ZsaZsa.  He is sold

 Zeus,a beautiful red bull with a gentle soul just like his father Zebull, beautiful uniform build.  Nice hump and head,  over all uniform build.     37" Tall          4/15

  IMCBR registration ...  Jessie James, a beautiful silver bull with a gentle soul and uniform build.  Nice hump and head for a young bull, carries for spots. 38"   dob 10/17  SOLD

  Onyx is a nice little black heifer with a petite uniform build. She is a Mini Jersey/ Mini Zebu cross.  And is definitely the best of both breeds!  We kept her for her disposition, size and body type. She is a nice little girl with a gentle soul, calves easy every year.     

  38"     2017​     Out of Bitsy & JR

  A beautiful 2020 silver bull calf born 2-19-20

   IMCBR eligible.  SOLD   $650  * SOLD *

    We have a very small closed, disease free herd. Vaccinating regularly, and parasite treatment as needed.  Our animals are raise with No antibiotics, No hormones, and free range pasture fed, offering hay in the off season.   We feel that if an animal needs excessive help to grow properly, you will not produce consistent viable offspring.   Natural grazing ability produces the healthiest animals.  ** Humps start out small, and grow as the animal matures.  This can help you gauge age.

  Miniature Zebu  &  Miniature Jersey are two very different bovine types and personality traits.  We love both, and even the cross has its charm and benefits.  Let us help you choose the animal that will best suit your needs and budget.  Our breeding goals are small and stocky, 36-40" tall.   We do cater to 4H, FFA and offer animals for show, pasture management, breeding or pet. ** Our registry of choice is IMCBR  **

   MINIATURE ZEBU cattle  FOR SALE       2021

 Mini Zebu Bull Calf   * AVAILABLE *          Born 4-25-21

Nice little Silver Mini Zebu Bull from ZaFire and Jesse James 

  What a beauty, nice hump and will have the calm personality of his parents. ​    Will be around 36-38"       $650 

   open IMCBR registration available, Ready to go end of August.

                Beautiful red Spotted Heifer    Splashes              2018

   Splashes is a very flashy little red potted Miniature Zebu heifer...  from ZsaZsa and JR (photo below)  Easy going, 37" tall.  Gorgeous head, color, and very well put together.  IMCBR reg


   Graycee, a beautiful silver cow with a petite uniform build.

   nice little girl. 38"      dob: 5/2016   IMCBR reg

   Zebull Sr, best bull we have had the pleasure of knowing.

    Stocky, small, beautiful horns and perfect hump. Very gentle, would eat from your hands.  He is the foundation of our miniature Zebu herd.

    IMCBR reg   ZsaZsa a beautiful 2015 red cow with a nice uniform build.  39"  Good girl, easy keeper, and produces very nice calves every year.  Exposed to our mini Jersey bull Olaf for a mix calf.       FOR SALE   $900

 Mini Zebu/ Mini Jersey Bull Calf   *ON HOLD *     $500      5-25-21  

Nice little CROSS Bull Calf from Bonita (mini Jersey) and Jesse James (mini Zebu) 

   ​He is a tiny and happy playful little calf.   Color fawn,around 37-38"      

  From Onyx & Zeus     3/4 Mini Zebu * 1/4 Mini Jersey,  A beautiful tiny little red and white bull born 4-12-20   SOLD    $500  

     JR       SOLD 

   JR is a handsome red bull with all the qualities we expect from our bloodline. Makes nice strong small calves, nice horn and hump. Gorgeous horns.    4 yr old    37"     

   Miniature Livestock is always be the best way to go for a small home farm. Saving pasture space and feed, also less freezer and refrigerator space needed.  Easy handling.   They have been the perfect addition to our little Homestead.    

  ZaFire is a graceful little red cow with a petite uniform build. IMCBR reg

  nice little girl with calm sweet temperament. 37"     2017​     Out of Jr & ZsaZsa


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