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           Toys In The Garden...     Miniature  Livestock  & Miniature Farm Animals

  Toys In The Garden... where our exotic miniature livestock and farm animals are Super Stars!    Our goal is to produce sound, user friendly animals that fit any life style from a family pet, to a top show prospect.  Showing and companion animals can go hand in hand.   Most of our animals are from show stock and are eligible for city life as well, from small back yards to apartments and condos.  We respectfully make every effort to match you with the animal that will best fit your needs, budget and lifestyle.   

    With the idea in mind that miniature farm animals and livestock can be a valuable part of everyone's life, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise.

 We live with our animals on a 250 acre ranch in southeastern Oklahoma, all of these creatures are a part of our every day life.  We use sound breeding programs that include the all round total package miniature horse/miniature cattle.  From conformation and sound health, to temperament and personality, of course classic uniform beauty in a smaller package... all will show in the animals we produce.  We also raise Miniature Goats, Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarf rabbits.  We cater to the 4-H and FFA groups offering safe and friendly show animals for your children. 

  Using a collection of top bloodlines, and decades of breeding experience and animal husbandry, we enjoy life with these creatures that we hope will continue for generations to come.   We take great pride in our animals and treat every new baby as part of our family.  Offered from our home to yours.

                       We have miniature farm animals available almost year round.  Let us help you find the miniature animal your looking for!

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miniature livestock for sale

  Beautiful animals don't just happen. It takes a love for all creatures, attention to 

  breeding programs and animal husbandry detail.   Along with an honest caring attitude to

  help you find the miniature companion animal that best fits your lifestyle and needs...   

Toys In The Garden has what you are looking for!

netherland dwarf rabbits pedigree bunnies for sale
miniature Zebu cattle for sale
chickens for sale
chickens for sale
miniature jersey cattle for sale
chickens for sale

​​Miniature Livestock Ranch & Sanctuary 
   Raising quality miniature farm animals...
   *Registered Miniature Horses  *   Miniature Zebu cattle
    *  Miniature Jersey Cattle  *   Pygmy & Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    * Netherland Dwarf Rabbits  *    Mini Rex Rabbits   *   

​    *   Californian Rabbits  *  Jersey Wooley Rabbits

    *  chickens ... Blue Star, Black Star, Americana and mix

 We can offer shipping for rabbits except summer months, the cost for airline shipping is about $325 per carrier.  (Not per rabbit)  We can fit up to 4 rabbits per carrier.  Otherwise the best option for transport is to check out Bunny transporters on Facebook.  We can meet you near Antlers Oklahoma, or deliver from Southeast Oklahoma to the DFW airport on any Saturday morning.  

You can pick up your animal from us in Southeast Oklahoma, or 

chickens for sale
mini rex rabbits pedigree bunnies for sale
chickens for sale
chickens for sale


   Fresh Eggs $3 doz... 2-4wk old Chicks from February to May, or upon request 5ea

chickens for sale