TIG Marcus  FOR SALE   $2800
   Our Miniature Jersey Bull out of Tootsie by Cesar  DOB 5/18    Stunning little fawn bull with a super sweet temperament.   He is grandson to DC Bob Honey, and DC Butler... check out their photos on Dexter's Corner website. Easy going and calm disposition.   Dehorned   Reg. IMCBR   39.5"

Bitsy   Sweet little mid size dark brown girl about 45" , sweet beautiful calves are her specialty, and has very nice udder placement.  Parents are Baby & Bordeaux       FOR SALE  $750

  Elsa     DOB 4-20   Sweet red Mini Jersey  heifer by Bitsy & Olaf

 Very calm and easy going little girl.  

Dehorned,   38"  tall          IMCBR 


  TIG ROSA   pretty little mid size red Jersey heifer   * SOLD *Born 2-24-20     ​  $1,200      IMCBR register 

    Mini Jersey/ Mini Zebu Cross Bull Calf                      * ADOPTED *

 Very nice little Fawn/silver Mini Jersey/Mini Zebu Bull Calf.  Favors more the Jersey body, has the zebu coloring.   Is intact but can be neutered, and/or disbud. 

Born 5-22-22    Elsa & Zeuss    Will be around 38"      $650     

Reg.TIG Razamataz  Adorable little red Painted Mini Jersey bull calf 

Sweet little heart on his head, what a doll.   Bonita & Olaf  

Born 3-23-20  Will be about 38"  SOLD   ​  $1,500  

   TIG Samson   Nice red Mid  Jersey Bull Calf   * SOLD *  $650

Olaf/ Rose.  We have worked hard in our breeding program to keep the easy going Bull temperament.  DOB: 1-29-21  Will be around 44"    Can be IMCBR

   Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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       Miniature Jersey calves for sale ...

   We have a very small closed, disease free herd. Vaccinating and parasite treatment on a regular basis.  Our animals are raise with No antibiotics, No hormones, and free range pasture fed, offering hay in the off season.   We feel that if an animal needs excessive help to be sustained or grow properly, you will not produce consistent viable offspring.   Natural grazing ability produces the healthiest animals.

   Miniature Zebu  &  Miniature Jersey are two very different bovine types and personality traits.  We love both, and even the cross has its charm.  Let us help you choose the animal that will best suit your needs and budget. Our breeding goals are small and medium boned, 38-42" tall, calving ease, and thriving naturally just pasture fed.  

    We do cater to 4H, FFA and offer animals for show, pasture management, breeding  or pet.       

   ** Our registry of choice is International Miniature Cattle Breed Registry  **

 TIG Olaf  what a handsome boy only 40.5" tall, and a really easy going sweet boy.  And he passes that on to his beautiful calves.  Is Dehorned, and has not been tested for the A rating.

Grandson of DC Pilgrim.   born 1-2016  Reg. IMCBR

       SOLD     $1,500

We miss you Baby!!

  2022 Calves  AVAILABLE

   TIG BEAUTY  Adorable little mini brown Jersey heifer   SOLD   Born 3-23-20 ​  $1,800       IMCBR registered  *


   Miniature Livestock will always be the best way to go for a small homestead farm. Saving space and feed, with less freezer and refrigerator space needed.  Also easy handling.

        Miniature Livestock for sale



 Bonnie     DOB 2017   Red 3/4 Mid Jersey  / 1/4 Mini Zebu Cross        

   Very calm and easy going little cow, good mother, easy keeper pasture cow.   44"       

   **  Bred to Marcus for spring 2023 calf