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  At Toys In The Garden, we believe in a solid breeding program that includes the all round, total package miniature horse.  From conformation and sound health, to temperament and personality, as well as classic beauty... all will show in our foals.  Our goal is to produce a sound, stellar, user friendly miniature no matter if a family pet, or show animal.  Using a collection of top bloodlines, we have enjoyed living with our minis and will for generations to come.  Our minis are raised with love and respect in a natural horse sanctuary environment with intentions of giving them the best life possible.  Their home is at the foothills of the Kiamichi Mt range in Southeastern Oklahoma, surrounded by wildlife management areas.  With native grass pastures, wooded areas including water year round, their happiness is our commitment.

   These are the beautiful adults that bring us constant joy and outstanding foals... 

 TIG Mega Doll        Mare      FOR SALE  $1500         SOLD
  Dolly is such a flashy little girl with nice stock type just like her father. Calm and easy going.    The big heart on her side says it all... Lead trained and very very friendly.  Out of Little Kings Buckaroo lines, Joker and Passion.  Bred to Royal for first foal.   Reg:  2019  AMHA/AMHR    Color:    Bay Pinto    Ht:  32.5"

   TIG Smitten by Gems         FOR SALE   $1500 w/AMHR regist  *  $850 W/O regist   *  Adopted  **

 Gem was born 3-20- 2021 Out of Midnight and Smitty.   She is a doll baby with beautiful type, dishy head, and will be very small!  Will be about 30" tall, perfect for halter, driving or brood mare.  If your interested in making this little girl yours, give me a call.   

  Reg: AMHR    Color: Black Bay    * Delivery within reason for cost of fuel.

   We miss you Sweetie, Gig and Joker

      Ready, Set, SHOW!!

   Stellar Minis Kid  Rock           Stallion      SOLD       $1200        Kid is raised here at Toys In The Garden, out of Royalty's Black Tie Affair (3 World Titles) and LB  Amiegos Ronnie.  He is Silver Dapple pinto with gorgeous stock type build, tiny little ears and a very handsome face. Is sweet and calm, easy going. Nice stock type with outstanding color, conformation and eager to please personality.     Reg:  AMHA / AMHR       color:  Silver Dapple Pinto     Ht:  31"     

 TIG Royale Commotion         Stallion          
  We are so pleased to introduce Royal, a gorgeous little sorrel pinto with a to die for conformation and personality to match.  Out of Scott Creek lines.  He is an exceptionally nice colt, friendly and outgoing.  Royal will be our new herd sire for 2022. 

  Reg:  2019  AMHA/AMHR    Color:   Sorrel Pinto    Ht:  31"

 **   2022     FOR SALE

                      FOR SALE   $750 w/AMHR registration            *  AVAILABLE  **

  Wow, starting the spring our with a bang, Look at this flashy little boy!!   Stripes was born 4-30- 2022   Out of TRINKET and ROYAL

 This boy has it all... Beautiful type, tiny head & ears, super flashy markings, and outstanding bloodlines!  Will be about 32-34" tall, perfect for halter, driving or children's horse.  If your interested in making this little man part of your 2022 show line up, give me a call. 

      Reg: AMHR       Color: Sorrel Pinto        * Delivery within reason for travel costs.

Bar B Smitten        Bay Stallion            $1500          SOLD

  Smitty is the smallest Stallion in our herd at 29.5". He was born in 2005, and has stomped the competition earning his championship title with AMHA. He is a real character, with an exceptionally outgoing personality and a commanding presence. Very refined build, very intelligent, and produces beautiful tiny foals. He clips trims and loads with ease. Time to reduce our herd herd.  Call or email for more info, pics and video.    Dual  Reg: AMHA/AMHR    Color: Bay  Ht: 29.5"  


Whatever your level of interest... we are here to get you moving.

   TIG Mr Cool Your Jets       

  Jet was born 6-6- 2021 Out of Ribbon and Smitten.  This boy has it all!   Beautiful type, tiny head, and outstanding bloodlines!  Will be about 30" tall,  Reg: AMHR/AMHA    Color: Brown Silver Pinto

 Scott Creeks Ribbon Royale       Mare   
  Ribbon is such a beautiful little mare, pretty little dishy head, small ears and refined build.  Was  shown as a top ten mare in her day, a mare with impressive bloodlines who has an easy going temperament.   Reg:  2001   AMHA/AMHR      Color:  Silver Pinto    Ht:  32"

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 Stellars Black Tie Trinket        Mare           
   Trinket has a gorgeous refined conformation, beautiful legs, neck and head.  And a personality so sweet and adorable, loves attention.  Check out her foals below.  Her sire is Black Tie Affair, who has won many titles.

  Reg:  AMHR    Color:    Black Pinto     Ht:  31.5"

 TIG Midnight Fanta Sea         Mare           
   Midnight is an adorable tiny refined mare, beautiful confirmation and head.  A personality that is so sweet and adorable, loves attention   Her sire is Smitty and dam is Trinket above.        2018    Reg:  AMHR    Color: Black Bay    Ht:  30"

 TIG Echos Of Miracle       Mare   
  Echo is a beautiful little sorrel girl, pretty little head, small ears and beautiful conformation.  Has not been shown, just a pasture mare with impressive bloodlines, makes very nice tiny foals.    Reg:  2016   AMHA/AMHR      Color:  Sorrel     Ht:  31"