Mini Rex Rabbits  have a short velvety fur like no other, luscious and soft like the velveteen rabbit, maturing around 3-4 lbs.   They are sweet, easy going and docile making them a perfect first bunny breed for children. ( Also raise Californian & Champagne meat pens for FFA and 4H projects. As well as Netherland Dwarf and Jersey Woolies )
   Domestic rabbits shed minimally if kept in an even temperature environment, they are very clean and quiet.   They require no vaccinations or regular vet care making them also a very economical pet.   Did I mention, they are very quiet and fit in your home?

   Our bunnies are all from pedigreed show stock and are eligible for showing.  We are confident that quality is in every bunny.  On occasion we have some that are not showable, that are offered as pets, and are listed as such.  Ask how you can enter in your local ARBA rabbit show or county fair.   If you ever have questions, please feel free to call, text or email 8am-8pm cst     580-271-2110 or

  SAVY broken  Black Otter Sr Doe     7-23-19    * SOLD *     $100

    Very nice little doe, from champion bloodlines, has a very thick dense coat and very nice type.  She is has been a nice little brood doe but have so many of her line I am out of bucks to breed to her.  Will be a nice little show project, and brood doe.   Comes with pedigree, has 1 GC leg and is registered.  Is bred right now and can go home after Feb 28th.

  All bunnies come with a pedigree, bag of food, and treat.

  Foxy  Castor Sr Doe           * AVAILABLE *     $75

    Very nice little doe, has an nice coat and type.   She is a nice little brood doe, raises 5-6 kits per litter.  She is a little on the small side.  But a very nice little brood doe.  Molting in this photo.  Comes with pedigree.

  Hamer  Broken Chinchilla Sr BUCK     11-17-18    * SOLD *     $100

    Very nice little buck, dense coat and small type.  He is on the small side about 3.5 lbs.  He is the sweetest guy, thinks he is a dog.  Loves attention, children, and loves to be held, makes beautiful babies. Carries for chin, himi, and castor.   Comes with pedigree.

  KASH Black Otter Sr Buck     7-17-18      * SOLD *     $175

    Very nice little buck from champion bloodlines, has an unbelievably DENSE coat and very nice type.   He is has 2 GC legs and only needs one more for Grand Champion.  Will be a super nice show project or breeding buck. We have gotten lots of very nice babies from him.  He is so very easy going and sweet he would make a great pet as well.  Comes with pedigree, 2GC legs, registration, food, and hay.

 Some of Our ADULTS...

  Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale...

 RABBIT CARE...  One of the best sites for rabbit care information I have seen. Keep in mind her information works best for her breed of rabbit, you will need to adjust some of the amounts of food.  And not all breeds of rabbit can withstand all of the natural foods.  Keep in mind that your particular bunny may have different needs, and always contact me when you have questions.


 New Litter available in June...  Black, and broken black otter

 Our miniature animals are all hand raised with love and respect.    Living in the clean fresh air of Southeast Oklahoma, enjoying a healthy life.  
    We take every effort to place each animal in the right home.  
 Please let us know exactly what you are looking for so we can help you find the animal who best fits your needs.  We raise for pet, show, and meat, offering breeding stock on occasion.  ( Catering to 4H and FFA  for show projects)

  2 Black does , broken black otter buck  $50 ea

 Very nice type and fur, come with pedigree

  KAYTEE broken  Black Otter Sr Doe     2-6-18      * SOLD *     $75

    Very nice little doe from champion bloodlines, has an unbelievably dense coat and very nice type.   She is has been a nice little brood doe but have so many of her line I am out of bucks to breed to her.  Will be a nice little show project or brood doe. 

  Comes with pedigree.

  Synder  Himalayan Sr Doe           * AVAILABLE *     $75

    Very nice young Sr doe, has an nice coat and type.   She is a nice little brood doe but no longer have a correct color buck to breed to her.  A nice little brood doe or pet.   Comes with pedigree.

 showing is fun!!

     Very Nice Mini Rex buck     2SK2    dob 3-27-19      $100  SOLD

  Very good bloodlines, No DQs, awesome fur and type.   Will be a very nice show project, pet, or breeder.    

 Black Otter doe $50, broken black buck  $35

 Colors we raise... black, Chin, Himilayan, otter and broken

A couple of Good Link... Feeding Rabbits the Natural way.  This is one of the best articles I have seen, though it is a little wordy you should get some good information and confidence to feed outside of the bag...


   Poisonous plants for rabbits

           What to Feed Your Pet Rabbit

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