All bunnies come with a pedigree, bag of food, and treat.

  Br. Castor Mini Rex Sr Buck    11-23-16   * AVAILABLE *   $65

   Hank... Very nice little Sr buck, 3.5 lb.   Nice type and coat, not posed well here.  Very sweet and easy going, lots of personality and character.  good breeder of large litters, carries strong for Chinchilla.  a nice breeder, or very nice pet with his personality.

  Br Black otter Mini Rex Jr doe born 7-17-18   "SK4"    $100   * Sold*
 Nice little broken doe, beautiful type and good fur, nice head and ears, being shown now. Out of the Br Black doe above, and our nicest Black Otter buck above. Good for show, pet or breeding.       about 3.75 lbs   

 showing is fun!!

  Black Otter Mini Rex jr Doe   "SK7"  born 10-7-18   *  SOLD *

   A very pretty little girl with nice head and ears, nice type and coat. Will make a nice show project.  $75 

    Show Quality Mini Rex Bunnies      For Sale 

 KK7 dob:  1-5-19     $45ea    1 black otter buck   

 SY4    dob:  1-4-19     $45ea   1 black buck, 1 Seal Does   SOLD

​OP1  DOB: 1-5-19       $45ea    Br Black otter Buck 

   Very nice litters of black, and black otter bunnies.  Top breeder bloodlines, No DQs, awesome fur and type.   Will make nice show project, pet, or breeder.   

  Lilac Mini Rex Sr Buck    5-10-17   * AVAILABLE *   $85

   Phillip... Very nice Lilac Sr buck.  Nice type and great coat, good head and ears.  Very sweet and easy going, good breeder of large litters.  Will make a nice breeder or pet.

 Some of Our ADULTS...

  Chocolate Mini Rex Sr Doe    7-10-16   * AVAILABLE *   $65

   Mudslide... Very nice Chocolate Sr doe.  Nice head and ears, nice small type and coat.  Very sweet and easy going, brood doe good mother.  Will make a nice brood doe, or pet.

 Colors we raise... Blue, black, chin, Himilayan, seal, otter and broken

  Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale...

 Our miniature animals are all hand raised with love and respect.
    We take every effort to place each animal in the right home.  
 Please let us know exactly what you are looking for so we can help you find the animal who best fits your needs.  We raise for pet, show, and meat, offering breeding stock on occasion.  ( Catering to 4H and FFA  for show projects)

 Chinchilla Mini Rex jr Doe   "SH3"  born 4-27-18   * SOLD *

   Very good type and very nice coat, but way too small for the show table.  Will make a nice pet, will only be about 2.5lbs.   Spunky sassy personality, beautiful coat.     $50  

New litters of Californians for SHOW... Meat Pens Available $25/Buck * $30/Does


 One Buck Available 1/23 /2019  SOLD

6 available   1/4 /2019  $45 ea

3 available 5-1-19 

 Black Himi Mini Rex jr Doe   "Paylin"  born 10-4-18   *  SOLD *

   Nice head and ears, nice coat, but a bit too small for my breeding program.  Will make a nice pet, or bring size down in breeding program, 3lbs.    $65 

  Black Otter Mini Rex Sr Buck   8-19-14   * AVAILABLE *   $125

  Koda... Rare opportunity to get a retiring buck from a top bloodline.  He is an awesome buck with phenomenal fur, refined type and personality to die for.  He has been grand champion rabbit 3 years in a row, and has 2 grand champion legs.  Koda is so very sweet and easy going, will make an awesome house bunny. He has been a good breeder of large litters, and show winning babies who carry on his personality.  Koda is available for a pet or show breeder and deserves a very good home or spot in your barn.  

Ph:   580-271-2110           

Good Link... Feeding Rabbits the Natural way.  This is one of the best articles I have seen, though it is a little wordy you should get some good information and confidence to feed outside of the bag...

  Also... Poisonous plants for rabbits

           What to Feed Your Pet Rabbit

   Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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  We raise Mini Rex Rabbits and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for sale, show & pet.  Mini Rex have a short velvety fur like no other, luscious and soft like the velveteen rabbit, maturing around 3-4 lbs.  The Netherland Dwarf Rabbits is the smallest rabbit breed with a lovely roll back coat casting a beautiful soft sheen, adorable flat face, and tiny little ears.  Netherland Dwarfs average 1.5 - 2.5 lbs when mature.  Both breeds offer a sweet, playful and entertaining personality. ( Also raise Californian meat pens for FFA and 4H projects. As well as Lionheads and Jersey Woolies )
   Domestic rabbits shed minimally if kept in an even temperature environment, they are very clean and quiet.   They require no vaccinations or regular vet care making them also a very economical pet.   Did I mention, they are very quiet and fit in your bedroom?

   Our bunnies are all from pedigreed show stock and are eligible for showing.  We are confident that quality is in every bunny.  On occasion we have some that are not showable, that are offered as pets, and are listed as such.  Ask how you can enter in your local ARBA rabbit show or county fair.   If you ever have questions, please feel free to call, text or email 8am-8pm cst     580-271-2110 or