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  SOLD... Lionhead Sr Buck Disco born 5-26-18.   Very happy and playful, easy going temperament.  He would make a nice yard or house bunny, comes to follows you like a puppy, loves attention. He has produced some of our show winners as well. He is being offered to a pet home, or youth breeder only. This picture is one of him in full fur.  He is molting at this time. 

    $45 as a pet w/o pedigree.   $75 w/ pedigree.


  For Sale... Lionhead Sr Doe Crystal born 6-3-18.   Crystal is a nice small young senior doe who is a Blue eyed vienna.  She is a good mother and produces very nice babies, 6 per litter.  We no longer have a blue eyed buck to go with her.     $45 with pedigree.

  Jersey Wooly Rabbits for sale...   w/ food and hay, pedigree.

​    2-18-19      Siamese Sable Jr Buck   $75  small compact type, beautiful color

   10-7-2018   Sky,  Smoke Pearl Marten Doe $65  Super nice body, small compact

   2-22-19   PAL  Opal Jr Buck    $45    Very nice type, and fur  

​  2-22-19   PEN  Chestnut Jr Buck    $35   Very nice type, and fur  

  2-22-19   Broken Opal Jr Buck    $35    Very nice type, and fur  

   Introducing our line of Lionhead and Jersey Wooly Rabbits.

 Both of these small breeds are as cute and fuzzy as they are easy going and sweet.  So easy to fall in love!     580-271-2110


Ph:   580-271-2110                     Toysinthegarden@gmail.com