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   Lionhead bunnies will be ready around end of March.    Taking Deposits now   $65 ea Sable & Sable Points.


   Cute little Jersey Wooly bunny     **  SOLD **    $85 ea

 Will be about 2 - 2.5 lbs when grown.  broken Black Otter Boy *  Ready to go home NOW   

 BP4...  Broken Orange Jersey Wooly doe.  Will be about 2.5-3 lbs when grown.   DOB: 7-23-20      $85       sold

   Cute little Jersey Wooly bunny     **  SOLD **    $85 ea

 Will be about 2 - 2.5 lbs when grown.  broken Chestnut Boy   Ready to go home NOW   

   Grooming Jersey Woolies is much easier than you think... The adult fur is much like hair and is easily combed or brushed on an infrequent basis.  But the baby fur is like chick fuzz and comes out as the adult coat comes in.  This requires more frequent combing, at least once a week until the baby fur has been lost, around 3-4 mo of age.   So once the baby coat is gone, the maintenance combing is typically done on an as needed basis.  Maybe once a month, or before a show.  Nail trimming is done the same as any other creature, on an as needed basis.


  Jersey Wooly Rabbits for sale...      Food, hay, and Pedigree included.

   Jersey Wooly Rabbits

 This small breed is as cute and fuzzy as they are easy going and calm.  They are easier groomed than you would expect, very little maintenance after the adult coat comes in.  Their hair is a lovely soft texture about 3" long. 

  We are working on Tan and Agouti colors.  Also  broken.    2.5-3 lbs of absolute adorable... So easy to fall in love!    


     More Jersey Wooly bunnies coming, will be ready around end of March.  Black Otters

          Taking Deposits now  $85ea

  RABBIT CARE...  One of the best sites for rabbit care information I have seen. Keep in mind her information works best for her breed of rabbit, you will need to adjust some of the amounts of food.  And not all breeds of rabbit can withstand all of the natural foods listed.  Keep in mind that your particular bunny may have different needs, and always feel free to contact me when you have questions.   www.disabledrabbits.com