YEAH  New litter of beautiful Champagne bunnies!!

 These are the most adorable large rebreed rabbit.  They are a beautiful silver in color, soft lush coat, and have personality like a big fluffy Teddy bear.  Very easy going, lots of personality, and love to be held.

 Born 10-24-19, ready to go home Dec 6th  $75ea

  New litters of Champagne and Californians ready around Christmas 2019  For sale list at the bottom of the page

    * Meat Rabbits  Brought to a whole new level.
   Beauty, Temperament, and Productivity all rolled into one beautiful animal!
   Champagne D' Argent  Rabbits   *   Californian  Rabbits

*  Champagne D' Argente  Rabbits  for sale

​* Californian  Rabbits  for sale   2019


   Californian Rabbits for Sale...

  Champagne D Argent Rabbits for sale... 

* Show quality Champagne D' Argent  Rabbits 

  Call for availability and prices.  New litters ready around the holidays 2019          

  ​In Beautiful SE Oklahoma

   Ph:   580-271-2110            

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* Show quality Californian Rabbits   2019 ** 
We will have new litters due in Late November and ready to go home in Early Jan 2020.   Ready for showing in January and February.     

$50D ** $45B   *(includes pedigree)   **    Fryers $2.50 lb   dressed or live