Beautiful Champagne D Argent Kits   * 

 New Litters coming around October

   Beautiful Champagne D Argent  BUNNIES  *  Pedigree Included

 Very nice big beautiful silver babies (black as babies turning silver), soft lush coat like a big fluffy Teddy bear.  Very easy going, lots of personality, and love attention. Mature to butcher age much faster than most breeds.     

              ~ Meat Rabbits  Brought to a whole new level ~
   Beauty, Temperament, and Productivity all rolled into one beautiful animal!
   Champagne D' Argent  Rabbits  *  Californian  Rabbits *  FryersAvailable

 RABBIT CARE...  One of the best sites for rabbit care information I have seen. Keep in mind her information works best for her breed of rabbit, you will need to adjust the amounts of food for your breed.  And not all breeds of rabbit can withstand all of the natural foods.  Keep in mind that your particular bunny may have different needs, and always contact me when you have questions.

   Californian Rabbits for Sale...

 Nice big rabbits, easy keepers, very calm personality. Content in their cage and kind of lazy.    Includes pedigree    

* Selling Californian TRIO   *     Reducing herd...      $150 for the trio
       1 Sr Doe 1.5yrs, proven. 1 herd Sr Buck about 2.5yrs, proven.    1 maiden Doe about 10mo

     Very nice rabbits, good producers. Their coloring is awesome in the winter, but has faded for the summer.

  * Show quality Champagne D' Argent  Rabbits    Call for availability.         

  MEAT PENS UPON REQUEST   w/12 weeks notice

  MEAT PENS ...We offer meat pens on request.  If Meat Pens are needed by a particular birth date, give us at least 6 weeks notice.  Let us know what breed you need and how many, we will have them ready for you.


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