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     Welcome to the Wonderful World of  Miniature Everything!

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    Cowgirl  *   Toy    Salt & Pepper        * Adopted  *      $500

  Cowgirl is a beautiful Salt & pepper toy schnauzer about 9 lbs, 10.5" tall.  Born 4-15-16.  She has a very thick soft coat, and has sweet happy but sometimes shy personality.  She is house trained to a doggie door, but is not leash trained.

     Adoption Fee:  includes spay, current food, collar, adoption certificate, vet wellness check up, she is up to date on all vaccinations/preventions,      Call for more information about meeting or adding Cowgirl to your family.      SHIPPING AVAILABLE

 Leather  *   Toy    Liver Pepper Parti   Beautiful Coat & Personality  * Adopted to Charlotte *    
   Leather is a beautiful liver pepper parti toy schnauzer at 7.5 lbs, 9" tall, she is the daughter of Cash and Lace, and sister to Denim.  She has a mega thick coat, and the happiest sweet personality just like her precious mother Lace.  She loves loves attention, and is very clingy!  Ready to sit in your lap, or follow you where ever you go.       Adoption Fee:  $1,000  includes spay, current food, collar, and vet wellness check up, up to date on all vaccinations/preventions,

   Birth certificate and return policy.    Call for more information about adding Leather to your family.     $1,000

     Gibbs  *   Miniature    Liver Pepper Parti   Beautiful BLUE EYES          * Adopted to Daniel *      $1,000
    Gibbs is an awesome dog, has the best outgoing personality, with lots of energy.   And look at those mesmerizing blue eyes!  He loves attention from anyone, including children.   He travels well, walks on leash and gets along with other dogs.   He is house trained to a doggie door, crate trained, and is up to date on vaccinations, eager to please and looking for adventure!   He is 2yrs old, small miniature size 13lbs.   Adoption fee includes neuter, current food, collar, and vet wellness check up, up to date on all vaccinations/preventions.  Birth certificate and return policy.  For full registration and intact adoption fee is $1800  

      SASHA       Liver & Pepper  Female           ADOPTED      Adoption fee: $1000
    Sasha is a very pretty liver pepper sweet personality, and very pretty coat. She was raised around children, and is playful and has lots of energy.  She is 2.5 yrs old, 12 lb 12" tall, and has had pretty little puppies. She is up to date on vaccinations, comes with APRI registration, and is AKC eligible. Sasha is still intact, but can be spayed for free before going home.


    Sparky     Teacup    Black Parti Mega coat Male            * Adopted to Amy *      $1,000

    Sparky is an adorable little black parti teacup 6 lbs about 9" tall. He has the best personality, so happy and loving, and it shows in his cute little baby doll face.  This boy has no fear, and will jump into your arms.  If your looking for a companion who does it all, this is your guy. He travels well and gets along with other dogs.   He has a thick super coat, flashy tuxedo markings, you will definitely see sparks!   Small  compact and stocky, he will fit any where.   He is a great grandson to our Cash, and carries the same awesome personality.  9" tall, and 6 lbs     *    Born 4-10-14

 Sparky is a turn key dog.  Up to date on vaccinations, house trained to a doggie door.  Adoption fee includes neuter and vet wellness check up.  Birth certificate and return policy.     * To approved home only *    Shipping available

   Many of these adults are from a caring family who can no longer keep their pet.  Very few are actual rescues, or kennel dogs.  They are just misplaced and need a loving home with treats, exercise, love and understanding.  With a little patience they will be a wonderful part of your family too. 

  Most are house trained, crate and/or leash trained and used to home life.  Each misplaced dog left in our care will stay for a couple of months or more before offering them for adoption. This allows us to give you the best assessment of their personality and needs in order to place them in the right home.  We work on any behavioral issues if necessary to assure they transition easily to their forever home.

  Adoption Fees include: spay, neuter, teeth clean, current food, collar, and up to date on all vaccinations/preventions. Groomed and ready for their new home.   We request that any dog over the age of 6yr be spay or neutered before rehoming.  As well as teeth cleaned and up to date on vaccinations and preventions.  The adoption fee is typically set by the owner, which reflects the preparation cost of rehoming their dog.   Call for more information about adding a lovable misplaced dog to your family.     254-383-8346

 Sydnee  *     Salt & Pepper    Female   * Adopted *    $650
   Sydnee is a gorgeous classic dark Salt-n-Pepper toy schnauzer 9.5" tall and 7.5 lbs. She has a super thick coat, and perfect conformation.  Black button eyes that just draw you in.  Cherry on top... a very sweet, clingy, oh so easy going personality. This dog melts in your arms!   Loves to be carried around on her back like a baby.   Such a happy little girl, Loves to be where ever you are.  She is house trained to a doggie door, loves  men women and children, is very good with my 6 yo grand daughter, gets along well with other dogs.  Not used to cats but probably wouldnt care at all, and isnt a crazy barker just when the times are right.  If your looking for the perfect dog to carry around and travel, this would be it.  

 She comes with an adoption certificate, up to date on all vaccinations and preventions, spayed, teeth cleaned and groomed.  Call for more information about adding Sydnee to your family.     254-383-8346