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About us...
   This is the page that should offer a little insight to our lives in order for you to better judge us, but that would take a very very long time.  I will not waste your time with bogus references.  I will start by saying that we are not newbies and have raised or been involved in raising and showing many species of animals over many generations / decades. Living with animals for most of our lives, being involved in rescue efforts, showing, animal husbandry, all the way down to legislation involving Animal and Human rights.  We arent going to be your typical breeder when it comes to just about everything surrounding the pet or livestock raising/buying process.
 First thing you will notice is that we are not politically correct.  Political correctness is anything but correct.  We are so old school it is hilarious, and do not have time to play games or dance around the truth.  So expect us to be painfully honest and tell it like we see it.  When you ask a question, expect that we will not give you the answer we think you want to hear.  I may not be as tactful as some, and definitely have very few filters, but you will have no doubts of what I am thinking.
  Hopefully you will appreciate our expertise and honesty, and will find our process of adopting a new pet to be one of the easiest and fun experiences you will ever have. 
     **  Be honest with me about what you are looking for, and your intentions, and I will do my best to make sure you are happy with your new pet.  Even if we have to refer you to another breeder.

So last night my kids and I were sitting in the living room talking and I said to them, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids to survive. If that ever happens, please pull the plug.'  One got up, unplugged the Computer, the other threw out my wine. They are SO on my shit list!
           If you dont like dog breath, dont bother coming to my house!



We live in God's country, nestled at the base of the Kiamichi Mountains range, surrounded by beautiful wildlife management areas of Southeast Oklahoma. Our little homestead is a piece of Heaven on Earth!  We live here with our toy & teacup schnauzers, miniature horses, and a few head of miniature cattle enjoying a peaceful and simple life. Though we love every animal as a member of our family, but our love for the toy schnauzer is boundless! If you have ever known a toy schnauzer, you know that they are far from "small" on the inside. They are very intelligent dogs, with lots of heart and energy...      Dynamite in small packages!!!

 In the following pages you will meet us, our dogs, and other animals we consider part of our family. You will also see the babies that keep our lives busy and playful and full of joy. Each dog is handled and adored every day, living a happy carefree life in our home and ranch. Puppies are given the utmost attention as their time with us is short.  They are pad trained & taken outside for potty training. They are kept on a vaccination and de-worming regimen recommended by our vet. And lots of toys and photos! We spend a lot of time with our animals, and it shows.  You can always tell the difference in our babies emotional well being, and a pet store or kennel puppy.  By the time they are ready to go home... 
        Baby talk is the official language, and puppy kisses are a way of life! 

  Our breeding program concepts... Everything is hereditary all the way down to the sound of the bark.  With that in mind... Any animal allowed to reproduce are chosen on intelligence, health, and temperament first, as well as correct conformation, smaller size, coat quality and overall aesthetics. If you dont have a healthy, good natured, easy to train dog, the rest is meaningless.   Any that do not possess all of those qualities, or do not fall into our strict guidelines, are spayed or neutered and allowed to take up sofa space here, or placed in a loving forever home.  Period.

  If you are searching for a beautiful quality puppy with all the best pet attributes, raised from years of animal husbandry experience...look no further.  If you love the schnauzer breed as much as we do, join us frequently for new photos and information on available puppies.  Please be patient with us as we are not a large kennel with perpetual puppies.  Only a few litters each season.  Quality Over Quantity

 Also check out the available adults for adoption.   The right human is always out there waiting for them as well.  You never know when it is YOU!

 You will find we do things a little differently here, leaving political correctness aside to make the adoption process as easy and stress free as possible.   Taking the time to help you make the perfect match is our #1 goal.  Everyone deserves the love of a dog, and you will never be screened from getting the dog you desire.  
      We feel that everyone deserves the unconditional love in their life that a dog or any animal offers. 

We know YOU are one of the most important factors in the adoption process.   

  You wont find fancy backgrounds, annoying music, or cursor tracers on this site. We spend more time with our animals than on the computer.  We have raised, bred, and shown many animal species over generations. Compiling years of experience in breeding techniques and animal husbandry that have given us a broad understanding of animal genetics, animal husbandry and daily care requirements.  Our experience and honesty will show when helping you choose your puppy.  We want our puppies to go exactly where they belong, and we want you to be happy with the perfect fit.   Making the effort to do this is exactly what sets us apart from any other breeders. 

 Come join our passions and our animal family!