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Our Girls


Cameo is a non fade black n white parti girl about 6 lbs, 9" tall.  She is the daughter of Cash and Bubbles, raised here at TIG. Has a very dense soft hair-coat, and the sweetest lappish personality. Loves to be the center of attention.  She has made beautiful teacup puppies here in our garden.    **  Retiring soon... summer of 2015.

Denim is a stunning silver n white parti girl about 5.5 lbs, 8.5" tall.  She is the daughter of Cash and Lace, raised right here at TIG.  She has the sweetest calm personality, and loves to sleep on my shoulders. This is the most easy going and elegant little dog we have ever had.

Whisper is a gorgeous Salt-n-Pepper parti girl about 9" tall and 7 lbs. She has a mega thick coat, and a very spunky bossy personality. 

Leather is a beautiful liver pepper white parti girl 7 lbs, 9" tall, raised here at TIG.  She is the daughter of Cash and Lace, and sister to Denim.  She has a very thick soft hair-coat, and the happiest wiggly personality ever.  She loves everyone and loves attention!

Dove is an adorable little teacup liver tan parti about 9" tall and 6 lbs.  She has the pretty super thick coat, and a happy, bouncy, outgoing personality.  You can see her personality in her eyes.  She is a love of a dog, and we look forward to puppies just like her!


                                                        Upcoming litters

                       >>>>  Whisper & Cash        Due:  11-12-14  * Tiny toys and teacups       confirmed


                                                 Stud service litters

     >>>>  Millie & Bullet        HERE:  11-4-14  * Small & lrg Toy   salt n pepper & Salt N pepper parti.    
   >>>>  Sasha & Cash        Due:  12-28-14  * Small & lrg Toy parti puppies in chocolate, salt n pepper and black parti
    >>>>  Bella & Cash        Due:  12-23-14  * Small Toy & Tcup parti puppies in chocolate, salt n pepper and black parti    
    **  Also these are projected breedings, not all breedings take when nature dictates a break in cycle.  Watch for the CONFIRMED memos.


   Some of our Beautiful Elders who contributed to our breeding program... 

 Lace - liver pepper parti toy           Clover - S & P Parti  teacup                Pebbles - Black Parti toy


                       Tara - black n silver (Bullet's sister)            Riski a Liver tan teacup schnauzer & Calico Biewer Yorkie     
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