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   Here at Toys In The Garden, you will find we do things a little differently. Offering a sound 30 year breeding program that produces the all round total package Toy Schnauzer.  Coupled with the effort we take to match you with the puppy that will best fit your desires and budget... we feel you are as important as the puppy you seek.   Honesty over political correctness serves us best.


   We live with our little dogs in home and have spent years of enjoyment with them. So quality over quantity means we know what it takes to develop a perfect well rounded little dog that you will enjoy for years to come.  From conformation and sound health, to temperament and personality, along with classic uniform beauty... all will show in our puppies.  When you adopt from us, you will be family from the very first conversation. 

Call from 8am to 8pm cst, let me help you find the soul mate you are looking for.                      Enjoy our site!

                  Welcome to the Wonderful World of Toy & Teacup Schnauzers!       

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Home Raised Toy & Teacup Schnauzers

  Beautiful animals don't just happen. It takes a breeding program with attention to detail to rise to the challenge.  Including an honest caring personal attitude to help you find the puppy that best fits your needs.

  With 30 years of experience raising mini schnauzers only .... 

        Toys In The Garden has what your looking for!



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